When are Web Devs Doing Research?

July 19, 2017
2 minute read

Google Analytics Data

Let's get one thing out of the way - I'm making an assumption that "web professionals" are the main audience that is looking at my website (responsivenavigation.net).

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the data. When looking at historical data for this website that I launched back in 2012, I have seen a perfectly symmetrical pattern each year. The most users to the site occur on Tuesdays, with Monday and Wednesday following immediately.

I can also make the assumption that the users of the website are either looking for something in the code that they can use on their own site or are just looking for inspiration so they can code something on their own.

So do web professionals (designers and developers) do their most research on Tuesdays? Is that the biggest "grind" day for them?

It doesn't really have much relevance to anything, since you don't need to have a specific day to work hard - you can work hard whenever the hell you want. But why isn't Monday the biggest day to search the web and do research? Maybe people aren't awake yet? Maybe they're still getting caught up from emails over the weekend?

What is ResponsiveNavigation.net?

I created the site to be used as a resource for a talk I gave at CSS Dev Conf 2012. It's a collection of navigation patterns that have stood the test of time (at least 4.5 years). Finally the site is ready for an overhaul, which will be coming soon. It's interesting to note that no real ground breaking navigation patterns on the web have emerged. Have we settled in to patterns that are solid and reliable? Or have we just forgot about them in general?