Weekly Update 2 - Toronto Here I Come

A little surprise trip came up and now I'm going to VueConf Toronto in a couple weeks.

November 2, 2018
2 minute read

VueConf Toronto

If you don't know by now, Vue.js has been my jam over the past few months. I've been eyeing this conference for a months now and I was already set on not going as of a couple months ago. I thought Danielle might need to go up there on a work trip, but she kept telling me there wasn't a reason. But low and behold, Cargo has last minute client meetings in Toronto that Danielle needs to attend. So now we're both going up for the week and I can indulge my inner javascript nerd.

Vue Toronto


Speaking of Vue, my conversion of the project I'm working on to Vuetify is going well. However there are a bunch of gotchas that I am finding when using this framework - I guess really I would have encountered this with ANY framework. It's not exactly what I need. I'm having to modify it a bit to suite my needs. Like I said, I'm sure this is normal but I'm wishing there was a "better" Vuetify in that it has more Google like design (padding, margins, font sizes, etc.)


I teed it up this week too ;) Played Green Valley Country Club with a few friends and luckily the weather held out. I'm also trying to get their web business - they use Jonas and are probably paying over $1K a month for that site. If you're reading this GVCC - I can save you LOTS.

Golf at Green Valley

Velocity Banking

My business partner introduced me to the theory of velocity banking today and blew my mind. It's really not rocket science, however when you actually think about how much interest you're paying each month on your mortgage it's enough to make you sick. Personally I think I'm paying around $450 each month in interest - that's $162,000 in interest over 30 years. Almost more than the original amount of our loan. Mind blown. So I plan on digging into this theory of how to pay off your mortgage faster and reduce debt.


Soulection Radio on SoundCloud is my new jam right now. Can't believe I am just now discovering it. Apparently it's been on Apple Music for a while. Oh well, it's a solid station for background programming music.