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Weekly Update 1

Welcome to the first weekly recap! An ongoing series of things I have been working on including (but not limited to): web development tips 'n tricks, bio-hacks, fitness!, music, and entrepreneur type things.

October 26, 2018
2 minute read


I was introduced to an artist on SoundClound by the name of Yukibeb. She's from Tokyo and was featured on the Soulection station - maybe it's a station, I'm not totally sure. Either way, it's a series of great mixes that are perfect to listen to while coding. Some old schools jams are mixed in with some downtempo tracks.


I'm in month 4 of building a large scale node.js application and I've been using Cloudinary to host the site's media (images and documents). It's been fantastic to work with so far. Super fast and has tons of features. The face detection is quite nice for the user profile photos.

Another HUGE change to the app was the switch to Vuetify. So far it's a nice change because it takes a lot of the decison making out of the process. I can just reach for a pre-built component and it's done. When I started this project I looked at Vuetify plus some other CSS frameworks like Bulma, Element, and boostrap but I thought, "I can do this faster if I code it from scratch". Ha. I'm so funny.

Another cloud service that I've been loving is the Cloud App. I used it a while back, but rediscovered it this summer when I found out that the premium version does create video screen captures. Perfect for sending clients a link to a quick video tutorial.


The Strong Web has been on a break for about 6 weeks now. I've been working on lining up some new interviewees - getting on people's schedules is hard! So look for more episodes to come out before the end of the year.

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