The Perils of Living in the iPhone Era

August 20, 2014
3 minute read

Recently, my wife's iPhone 5s was on the fritz. She'd take a picture, but it wouldn't instantly load into her photos. She had to wait about a minute before it appeared in her Photos app. Crazy, right?

So we took her phone to the Apple store. The tech looked at it and decided that we needed to reset the phone and see if that solves the problem. The only caveat was that doing so would require all the information on the phone to be wiped out. He said it wouldn't be a problem so long as everything was backed up to iCloud. He checked the phone - and said it was good to go.

Then he proceeded to reset the phone.

Little did we know - the "photos" toggle was not switched on. Meaning that everything else was backed up to iCloud - except for my wife's photos.

All of her photos were completely lost. Never again to be seen. Cruise pictures, Christmas pictures, vacation pictures, birthdays, and all those other hidden moments that she happened to capture on her iPhone - GONE. A complete tragedy. What would we do? Nothing could be done!

It was at this moment I realized that the world we live in is completely different from 7 years ago. Never before then would we worry about losing the data on our phone. It would have sounded like a silly thing to say back in 2006. The only pictures we may have lost back then were the ones on our digital cameras. Maybe you'd lose the SD card for our point-and-shoot. But maybe you already had those pics on your hard drive.

Rewind 5 years before then and we're still all using film cameras and getting them developed at CVS or WalGreen's. And no one ever took nearly the amount of pictures back then. It just wasn't that "cool" to carry a camera around all the time (unless of course you were a photographer).

The landscape of taking and sharing photos has completely changed ever since the camera and the phone have merged. Once social networking hit the scene, taking and sharing pictures has become a way of life. It's no longer a fun thing to do - it's the thing to do. Our lives suddenly have become intertwined with our phones. Our phones being the mechanism with which we share our life with friends, catalog our history, and explore the world through the eyes of others. All this while sitting at work, lying in bed, driving in our car, eating dinner, and many other inappropriate times.

But - I digress. Such a modern day tragedy like this is probably more common that I would expect. I'm sure millions of people have lost great photos from their phones and have had their day ruined. While these photos have been lost - memories are still there. Just like back before 2006 when life still moved on and we all enjoyed things in a different way. A way that didn't require a mobile phone just to get by.