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Second Post of 2015... & CrossFit!

August 10, 2015
3 minute read

It usually seems like I have such great ideas for blog articles. I find myself saying, 'Oh yea I should write an article about that.' Then three months go by and I still haven't written anything. Of course, when I do finally find the time to write (like now) I draw a blank. Literally, draw a blank.

I am actually putting some time aside right now to write this, but I suddenly don't know what I meant to write about. Well, whatever, I'm just going to put it all out there.

This year Crossfit and I have definitely come to like each other. I am training about 4-5 times per week and I couldn't be happier with it. My goal next year is to be able to perform the Rx version of the Open Workout. This year I struggled with most of the moves - I didn't have muscle ups, handstand pushups, and most of the weight I couldn't handle. Next year is going to be different though. I'll be ready for them. Not to say that I am going to actually qualify or anything - I simply want to just do the movements like they should be done.

I recently found a website called Gymnastics WOD that totally blew my mind. The amount of free content that Carl Paoli gives out is incredible. And it's actually super useful stuff too. All the progressions that he posts and the videos that go along with them are fantastic. For someone like me, it's a great resource since I have no formal gymnastics training _ plus_ I want to actually get better at that stuff. So I guess when speaking about writing - I love blogs like that. He posts super useful stuff that I actually want to consume.

I suppose that's my struggle here - will people want to consume the nonsense that I am writing write now? There are a couple schools of thought that might dictate which way I should lean. Either write for myself and don't give a damn about what anyone else says or write for a specific audience so that I have focus. Or simply don't write at all - the internet is full of millions and millions of useless pages of content - so why try to clutter it up even more?

I'd say that I learn more towards the f**k it mentality. Just do what feels good and don't look back.