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Kicking Off a Kickstarter Campaign

October 6, 2014
3 minute read

So October 1st was the first day of Fohm's Kickstarter campaign. Fohm is my new company - we're an innovative memory foam company with a focus on delivering the highest quality possible. Our first product is a new memory foam pillow - one that has a technology unlike any other pillow on the market today.

We're launching our company via Kickstarter in order to raise some funds for a few last pieces of the puzzle. Molds and fabric can be very expensive - especially when you use such high quality materials like we do. So the goal is to raise $23,000 within 30 days via the most popular crowdfunding website out there.

The process leading up to our launch on Kickstarter took quite a bit of work. We had to shoot a high quality video, get photography, write some copy, launch a one-page website... OH, and get some press. Let me tell you about getting press - it takes LOTS of preparation. Do not underestimate how much preparation goes into a solid PR campaign. Contacting all the right journalists with the right pitch is crucial to actually getting some decent coverage in the media.

Day one was fun - we hit it hard with Facebook posts, Tweets, emails to all of our family, friends and business contacts. We called and emailed everyone we knew. It was fantastic to start to see the pledges roll in from people we didn't know.

Then days two and three came along and things continued to grow - we were still contacting a few people we knew and hoping that Kickstarter would do it's job and get some traffic for us. This is one key area that no one should rely on - Kickstarter provides no guarantee whatsoever that it will make you a "staff favorite" or put you in their popular list. You are solely required to drive your own traffic to your project. Kickstarter provides some nice analytics to see where your pledges came from and the amount of video plays - but that's about it. If you are truly lucky - then Kickstarter will help to promote your product - but the key word here is LUCK. You must go into a campaign thinking that you won't get picked as a staff favorite and that Kickstarter won't help you at all. Now, Kickstarter does provide a powerful platform - but they certainly don't do all of your marketing for you.

So along came days four, five and six and here we are. We sent out a massive press release today in hopes that we will get picked up by a major publication or blog. This would help to drive some serious traffic for us - which again, we're the ones responsible for making sure it happens.

I'm left right now feeling a little anxious about the future of our campaign, but I'm confident we will cross the finish line. We're going to keep pushing our message out there and contacting the media with our pitch. After all - we KNOW the product is awesome, we just need the world to know it too. In case you're wondering, here is the link to our Kickstarter campaign.