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July Marathon Training Update

July 20, 2023
3 minute read

These past few months of marathon training have been interesting. I can slowly see progress, but to be perfectlty honest, my GI issues after I run are still a concern. I've been tracking what I eat before and after each run to see what foods have different effects on me. At the very least, when all is said and done I should have a great understanding of my nutrition!

Recently, I bought a shoulder strap type thing to hold my phone and some gel packets. I've found that to be better than wearing something around my waist. I tried a small waist band that holds a phone and some gel packs but it actually ended up hurting my stomach.

One awesome thing that I discovered while on this strict training schedule - vacation runs!

Normally while on vacation I take a break from everything (and usually try to find time for fishing) but with the self-inflicted pressure of not wanting to collapse at the marathon, I've stuck to my training plan religiously.

Freeport at 6AM before my run

On my last two vacations I've woken up before the rest of the family in order to log some miles. What I discovered is that it's amazing to see a new place before the rest of the world wakes up. It's also an amazing way to discover a new area. Running 5-6 miles around a new place lets you really take it all in and even discover new things that you'd never discover by car.

Running on the Bermuda Railway Trail

While in Long Island, I found new places that I wanted to try for dinner, beautiful backgrounds and neighborhoods that I never would have appreciated before, and was able to find my way around the place right away without a need for google maps.

In Bermuda, I discovered an old railway path that is now used as a walking trail. It's probably one of the most beautiful walking trails in the world. Seriously. It gave me a new perspective on the island - one that I never would have discovered otherwise. I was able to find our way around the island even better after discovering the island by foot.

Protein drink I discovered in Bermuda

I even discovered a fantastic post-run drink while in Bermuda. It was a complete accident - I got a little lost and couldn't find out how to pick up the path after it met the main road, so I decided to get some drinks at a gas station for me and family before heading back. This protein drink is now in my regular routine of post-run nutrition.

So thanks marathon training - for all the happy little accidents.