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I Started a Podcast

It's not something I thought I would enjoy this much.

May 10, 2018
1 minute read

When I got in touch with Carl Paoli for an interview for a blog idea I had, he agreed to chat over the phone. I figured, why not record the conversation and just turn that into my first podcast episode? It was his agreeing to do this that sparked my idea for this podcast. I love working out and I love the web, so why not create a podcast about the both of them?

The concept is to use my connections within both industries to get top performers, coaches, developers, doers, and thinkers to be on my show. I really just want a reason to answer all the questions I've always had for people in their positions. Like "how did you start that project" or "how much money does it actually take to run that"? The worst they can say is no, right?

So The Strong Web is now a thing. I used SimpleCast to host the podcast and even host the website. Super simple to setup and get going. Check it out at: TheStrongWeb.com