Google Buys Nest - What Next?

January 13, 2014
2 minute read

My twitter stream this evening was filled with tweets about the recent purchase of Nest by Google. Google paid an obscene amount of 3.2 billion for the company who makes the most awesome home thermostat ever. Within the past year, Nest also released a new fire alarm that is pretty bad-ass.

But now that the tech giant owns all kinds of data about what kind of energy your house uses, everyone is up in arms! Like Google couldn't have already gotten a hold of that data anyway? Google is a pretty benevolent company and I'd like to think that if they wanted to do something bad with the trillions of terabytes of data they already know about us, they would have. This is just another feather in their cap and another way they will continue to be a relevant company.

And regarding the Nest thermostat, I'm still surprised that Nest never charged you to use their app to sync with your Nest. It's a product that is well worth the price and I know the servers required to maintain their app's infrastructure aren't cheap!

But looking to the future, I'm sure Google's resources will give Nest a huge boost in R&D - which can only mean cooler products.