The First Time in a Long Time

January 5, 2013
2 minute read

"Do work son" -Christopher "Big Black" Boykin

In case you haven't guessed by now, I love the phrase "do work". Although I can't just slap that on my website since Big Black technically coined that phrase first. But I digress. More on "doing work" in a later blog post.

So this is my first blog since 2008. Welcome back me! My old blog was focused on stories about what I was doing at the time and just random posts on life in general. But since then, my business (and life) has changed focus and direction. Back in 2008 it used to be just me freelancing as Avenue 3 Media. Now I'm a partner at a small web shop called AO Studios. Our sibling company, Golf Web Design, is our pride and joy as we have taken the golf industry by storm since 2009.

Back when I first started my blog I was working on all kinds of projects - mostly WordPress themes and static HTML sites. And was still getting over the use of tables (OMG). I know, right?

But now I'm much more mature and have some experience under my belt. I recently gave a presentation about navigation in responsive web design at CSS Dev Conf in December. I've built a few mobile apps and I've got a nice portfolio of work to show. I have learned a lot along the way and I love sharing my experiences. And I'm also very lucky that I get to work on fun projects for a living.

So this time I decided to start a different type of blog. This one is built on a fancy CMS called Statamic (I'm sure that I will write a blog post or two about it). And I figured that I should write some more sophisticated stuff this time. Maybe. Either way, this time around I'm going to solve all the world's problems. I figured that would be more fun.