Building a Client Website That They Can Understand

January 12, 2014
2 minute read

I recently submitted a proposal to speak for a WordCamp and I thought I would start getting some thoughts out about my intended topic. This way, even if I don't get picked, then my idea can still be brought to life.

My topic is covering how to use WordPress to create websites that are easy for your client to update. I build custom WordPress themes all day long. I also dabble in a few other CMS platforms too. My goal when building on these platforms is usually to make a website that the client can update with minimal training from me. Sometimes all goes as planned, sometimes the client has no idea how to update the website. Of course, this all depends on the client - but it usually boils down to how hard or easy it is to update the website. There can custom fields that are named inappropriately, "un-semantic" naming conventions for classes or shortcodes, and a bunch of other content related misnomers that I take for granted when building.

The point is, as a developer it's easy to build something that is easy for ME to update, but a good developer must get into the mind of the client and build it for them.

I'll keep exploring this issue in further posts.