A New Version of Responsivenavigation.net is Live

June 1, 2014
2 minute read

The wonderful thing about any kind of web conference is the inspiration it gives you to do more and better things. On the cusp of this inspiration, I have launched a new version of responsivenavigation.net. I actually have been working on this re-design for about a week in prep for my talk today - but due to the crazy amount of "regular work" that I have had the past few weeks - I kept pushing back the launch date.

But now the new site is live. I added a few more links to the homepage as well as a new design for the entire site's navigation. I am slowly becoming a big fan of navigation that runs down the left side of a page. It's nothing new at all - but for the most part only seems to be a navigation pattern that documentation websites use.

This got me thinking - why do documentation websites use navigation that runs down the left hand side? Oh, because it's easy to navigate. So why wouldn't this type of navigation be used on all kinds of websites? Isn't "easy to use" navigation the goal here?

I'll still be adding more and more examples as time goes on and new techniques develop. But at least I'm in a really good place with the site right now. Enjoy and let me know if you want to see anything new.