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2014 Year in Review

January 1, 2015
5 minute read

We hired our second “real” employee in late 2013. Then, it so happened that we could have an intern in the Spring because now we had an office. So 2014 was the first time we have ever had an intern as well.

I am writing certain things using “we” because they pertain to Golf Web Design, my company that I own 50/50 with my friend, Nick Ondrako. We have been on this journey together for about 6 years now. Everything we do is based around building a better company that can one day support our families to live a comfortable life.

Back to 2014… The year seemed to fly by. The weather in the spring was absolutely terrific. The summer was even better. It never really got too sweltering hot like some South Carolina summers. Having a few employees in the office was fun (I say was fun because our “real” employee is on maternity leave as I write this) however it never really led to the type of creativity that I hoped a full office might lead to. We certainly got things done (GSD), but it never really blossomed into a creative think-tank that I had so strangely hoped for.

I played a few rounds of golf this year - not nearly as many as I thought I would though. I had hoped to play quite a bit during the summer months to really catch up on the all the golf I missed the past several years. It’s funny how everyone gets so “busy” these days. Is that the case with a lot of people? Seems like everyone’s time is already taken up by this or that and no time to just be.

Not sure where the time goes. I know that 2007 was one of the best years of my life - and now that seems like an eternity ago. I always thought in my head that I would be back to Thailand within a few years - but lo and behold, I still haven't been back. I very well might do so this year as I'm in much better position to do it now (I think).

There were two awesome vacations I took in 2014 - both cruises on Royal Caribbean. They were pretty epic cruises, stopping in similar ports - but both with different groups of people. One was with my Mom and Mother-in-law. The other with a group of 6 friends. Both were fantastic life experiences that were worth every penny.

In terms of my businesses, things went pretty smooth and a new one was created. In October, Nick and I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund our new business selling memory foam pillows. It was the first time we have done something like this, since our backgrounds are in web development and the service industry. Creating an actual product was an exciting prospect for us, so we dove in head first. We're still a young company - you could call us a startup - and still making our way in this industry.

New enhancements and progress in web development has leveled off a bit for myself. This past year we were so focused on other things, that innovating the web wasn't a huge priority as it has been in the past. There also seems to be a leveling off in general in the web industry. That’s not to say there hasn't been any advancement, but when compared to the level of advancement over the past several years I don’t see as much progress being made. Things like Google’s Angular framework have gotten a lot of press, as did other javascript based frameworks and platforms. I don't see mass adoption quite yet, but I'm sure its only a matter of time. I don't know - maybe it’s because I deal with WordPress all day long and I'm stuck in my bubble.

As for “do it yourself” web options - those seems to be gaining a lot of popularity this year. It’s a shame too, because some of them are so ugly and clunky. Now, I know that self-publishing a website for a the average person is no easy chore no matter how you twist it, so companies like Wix and Weebly have their work cut-out for them. I realize this. But you know, I just wish they could actually tell a person when not to use a stupid picture or ugly color.

The last two months of 2014 were just mediocre however. I caught a sinus virus in November and never fully kicked it. Even as I write this I have blown my nose a let out a few coughs. Nothing is more discouraging than feeling sick all the time. It’s a drain on energy and makes you feel lethargic. Then I end up stressing over the fact that I can’t be active and productive when what I really should be doing is resting and recovering. I also gave up on prescription drugs. Antibiotics didn’t cure me so now I’m trying probiotics. I am also trying the chiropractor instead of the “real” doctor. I’ll be exercising more this year and eating a lot healthier food too. If none of that works, then I suppose I’ll give up and work at McDonalds.

Cheers to 2015!