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Full Stack Developer & Entrepreneur

The experiences I’ve had in business and in life are not typical. The people who know me as a web developer are surprised to hear that I’m a PGA golf professional. And the same is true for people that know me as a golf pro - they often don’t know that I’m a programmer and can build software, apps, and websites. My clients appreciate that I understand business process and strategy and can collaborate with them on a higher level.

I’ve also consulted for companies in the golf industry for everything from marketing to product development. I've started numerous businesses from professional golf tours to specialty tape products. I was even a college professor for a short time.

So I’ve put together a list of milestones, achievements, and for lack of a better term, “list of things I’ve done”. This gives a better picture of the insight and experience I bring to the table when working with clients.

  • January 2021

    Launching Willio

    An online estate planning tool to easily create your Will and other documents without the need for a lawyer. See Willio.com

  • June 2019

    Launched Backswing.com

    Launched a golf publication for professionals and amateurs with a unique question and answer format. See backswing.com

  • May 2019

    Purchased AO Studios

    I purchased the other half of AO Studios from my business partner at the time. I now own 100% of the company.

  • March 2019

    Shut Down HIBR

    It felt good to put this company to bed (no pun intended). After 5 years of struggling with the online mattress industry, high customer acquisition costs, retail space, employees, etc. it was finally time to call it quits.

  • 2017

    Launched Bully Bond (Industrial Tapes)

    Created and launched Bully Bond, an industrial tape company, on Amazon. Eventually shut down the company in 2018.

  • Spring 2016

    Launched a Memory Foam Mattress

    We started HIBR by selling 3 different pillow styles, then moved into selling a mattress. The mattress was well received by customers and we went on to make further iterations of the product.

  • September 2014

    Raised $42K on Kickstarter

    This was the official launch of a new online pillow company, Fohm. In late 2014 we would receive a letter from Brookstone to cease and desist with the use of the word Fohm. Eventually we changed the name of the company to HIBR (short for hibernate).

  • Late 2009

    Launched AO Studios & Golf Web Design

    Started a web design company with Nick Ondrako to serve the golf industry and small businesses.

  • Late 2008

    Launched Swingloft (Mac application)

    Designed and marketed the very first golf-specific video analysis software for Apple computers.

  • Mid 2008

    Created the Coastal Players Tour

    Launched my second professional mini-tour with Daniel Gray in Southeast Georgia and Northern Florida. Eventually sold the tour in 2010.

  • 2007

    Played on the Korean PGA Tour

    Finished in the last qualifying position at the international qualifying school in Malaysia for the KPGA. Played a full schedule on the 2007 KPGA season throughout Seoul and South Korea.

  • Mid 2005

    Started the South Coast Series Mini-Tour

    Created my first professional golf tour in Southern California. Played events across the region with purse sizes in excess of $5000. Aqcuired a sponsorship from Toyota for $25,000 per season. After 2 years, sold the tour.

  • 2005

    Elected to PGA Membership

    Became a PGA Professional while working as a Head Golf Professional at Cresta Verde Golf Club in Corona, California.

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