About Me

Originally, I started my career as a golf professional. Going to college for marketing and business with a concentration in professional golf management gave me the opportunity to work all over the country at fantastic golf courses. I gave quite a few lessons and played in a lot of tournaments (I even managed to play on the Korean PGA Tour for a year).

Enter web development...

After launching the very first Mac based video analysis software for golf called SwingLoft, (aimed at sports instructors as a Mac app that analyzes video) I found out that I was more interested in the logo and website design of the product more so than anything else. So I dove into web development and haven't looked back. I started freelancing and shortly thereafter, I partnered with a college friend to form our company, AO Studios. We're a small web shop and we've been cranking out quality work since 2009.

Enter Entrepreneurship...

Late in 2014, my business partner and I formed a new ecommerce company called Fohm. We launched a Kickstarter campaign and were successfully funded. From there our business in the bedding industry got it's start. We have since changed our name to HIBR and our pillow was even named "perfect for sex" by Maxim. The mattress launched in 2016 and has helped thousands of customers sleep better ever since.

In 2018, we signed Rich Froning as our first investor in the company.

I still hold my "Class" A PGA Professional status and occasionally still tee it up too ;)

Conferences I have spoken at:

WordCamp Atlanta - April 2018, Atlanta, GA

WordCamp Atlanta - March 2015, Atlanta, GA

WordCamp Asheville - May 2014, Asheville, NC

WordCamp Atlanta - March 2014, Atlanta, GA

RWD Summit April 2013, Virtual (online)

WordCamp Atlanta - March 2013, Atlanta, GA

CSS Dev Conf - December 2012, Honolulu, HI

Some resources that I have created:

ResponsiveNavigation.net - a website all about responsive navigation. Good examples of navigation patterns in responsive web design.